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MAX038 - ResearchGate The MAX038 is a high-frequency, precision function generator producing accurate, high-frequency triangle, sawtooth, sine, square, and pulse waveforms with a. 18av影院

Low cost waveform generator (0 - 20MHz) - Instructables The main part, MAX 038 is a discontinued part, but it still can be bought . The pin1 (REF) of the chip MAX038 it is a positive voltage, and it is an output. All the 醉卧儿媳膝欧阳熊吸奶

MAX038 Generator - Electronics DIY This is simple MAX038 generator. It produces sine, triangle and square waves from 1Hz up to 22MHz. The Amplitude, offset and duty cycle are adjustable to offer 18avday千部影片

高频函数信号发生器MAX038及其应用 通过MAX038的A0、A1引脚上电平的不同组合,可以选择不同的输出波形类型。 其性能特点如下: (1) 0.1 Hz~20 MHz工作频率范围; (2) 15%~85%可变的占空比; (3) 低